Close By Attractions

Wilderness Edge guests have multiple opportunities to enhance their visit to southwest Montana. Apart from the popular options that focus on touring Yellowstone Park, guests can pursue a number of other outdoor destinations closely located to the Wilderness Edge.

They include:

  • Yellowstone Park

    A majority of our guests take the time to visit Yellowstone National Park. From Wilderness Edge it is a short (35 minute), scenic drive to the town of West Yellowstone where the West entrance to the Park is located. The full impact of the Park’s resources is hard to realize with one outing. Main attractions like Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Tower Falls, Yellowstone Lake and the various geyser basins are sometimes hours apart so we encourage our guests to set aside at least two separate days for touring. Please feel free to ask our staff for directions and advice as to routes of travel within the park.

  • West Yellowstone

    The West entrance to Yellowstone Park accounts for the largest number of tourists entering the Park and is located just outside West Yellowstone, Montana. Between 1.3 and 1.5 million people pass through this bustling tourist town each season. West Yellowstone features a number of good restaurants, an abundance of retail shops, and basic services such as gas stations and grocery stores.

    A trip to West Yellowstone would not be complete without a trip to the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center. This worthy non-profit provides a life-long sanctuary for grizzly bears and wolves that have come in contact with humans once too often. Their surroundings replicate a wild environment and visitors can watch them interact and hunt for food as they might in their natural environment. The Discovery Center also offers a number of educational venues at their Visitor Center and various children’s programs designed to engage young people in the care and feeding of the animals.

    Visiting West Yellowstone is a worthwhile part of a trip to southwest Montana. Our staff can recommend any number of things to see and do in West Yellowstone and also places to eat and shop. Keep in mind though; Wilderness Edge guests have something that most of the multitudes that visit this town don’t have – a quiet place to go home to after the day’s hectic activities are completed.

  • Madison River

    The Madison River flows from its source in Yellowstone Park and through the Madison Valley passing only a few miles from Wilderness Edge. Each year fly fishers from all over the nation and the world descend on this premier trout stream to test their skills. Wilderness Edge ownership is committed to making sure this famous river continues to be the life giving resource it is for generations to come. For years, we have supported the efforts of the Madison River Foundation to “preserve, protect and enhance” this legacy watershed. Anglers wishing to find lodging close to the Upper Madison and/or the Three Dollar Bridge area are encouraged to talk to us. We can accommodate your needs with a variety of options and provide you with a scenic place to stay at day’s end.

  • Quake Lake Visitor Center

    On August 17, 1959 a powerful 7.3 earthquake struck southwestern Montana at 11:47 PM. The earthquake caused a huge landslide that buried 28 people camped along the Madison River. The Quake Lake Visitor Center is about 15 minutes from Wilderness Edge. This facility not only profiles what happened on this fateful date in 1959, but also instructs the visitor as to the hyperactive nature of seismic activity in this part of the world.

Other Things to Do